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Construction Services

We can help you build anything from a bathroom vanity to a new out building.  We have built sheds, dog houses, lighthouses, steps, patio’s, walkways and many many more!  Have a problem with those cutters not draining? We can help! If your job requires a local permit, we will work with you and your local building department to get it done right and approved!  Need help decorating for the holidays?  Need help cutting up a fallen tree?  We can help with those too!

Moving Services

We are able to help you load, pack, unpack and any combination therein.  We ask that these services please be booked through our Moving affiliate website to ensure availability at: http://movinghelp.com/kinderm

Landscaping Services

Grass need mowed?  Want to put in that dream pond?  Grass need replanted? Don’t want to clean up all of those leaves?  Give us a call!  We can help! Some of the residential and commercial services we provide include: Bed installation and edging Bed removal Erosion control Landscape design Lawn aeration and dethatching Lawn fertilizing programs Lawn mowing and trimming Lawn sprinklers Mulching and mulch delivery Planting – flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. Power washing – Driveways, Sidewalks, pools, etc. Seeding and sodding Spring and fall cleanups Stone placement – patios, retaining walls, etc. Stump grinding Stump removal Tree pruning Weed control

Snow Removal Services

We are in Ohio, so we understand snow!  We have several service levels that we provide to help you! Plowing Only o Plow anywhere that our trucks can get to o Least Expensive and most popular Plow and Salt o Plow and salt where our trucks can get Plow and Snowblowing/shoveling o Plow where our trucks can get o Shovel or Snowblow where our trucks can’t get Plow, Shovel and Salt o Plow where our trucks can get o Shovel or Snowblow where our trucks can’t get o Salt the area to prevent ice and help snow to melt We can shovel as little or as much as you need!  WE have all size accounts: Driveway Walkways Sidewalks Small Parking lot Large Parking Lot We offer per push rates or seasonal rates.  Depending on crew availability, we might be available for One-Time removals!  Please email to let us know of your interest and we will respond within one business day!  If it is urgent, please call us on the number located on the contact page